Interviews with more Starbase Indy guests coming soon

We’ve recently conducted interviews with Chase Masterson and Garrett Wang, two of the scheduled guests at Starbase Indy.

Among Masterson’s many credits, she appeared in multiple episodes of Star Trek Deep Space Nine as Leeta.

Wang was a regular in all seven seasons of Voyager and now coordinates the Trek Track at Dragon Con.

Stars treking to Starbase Indy

It is less than a month before the annual Thanksgiving weekend Starbase Indy and this year’s lineup of guests is quite impressive.

The guests scheduled to appear include actors Dominic Keating dominic-keatingof Star Trek Enterprise, Garrett Wang of Star Trek Voyager, Chase Masterson of Star Trek Deep Space, Klingon language inventor Marc Okrand, author Larry Nemecek, intergalactic host Moxie Anne Magnus and the bands Five Year Mission and the Yavin 4.

The con is Nov. 25-27 at Wyndham Indianapolis West, 2544 Executive Drive, Indianapolis.

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