Cursed by the Oak Island search

Does anybody really believe the dedicated searchers digging on Oak Island on History Channel’s long-running “The Curse of Oak Island,” (now in its sixth season) will actually find anything substantive there? We’re sorry but random coins, rusty crosses, nails and the like are hardly convincing that the lost, great treasure of the Knights Templar or others is buried somewhere there.

We continue to watch each episode, but feel like suckers at the end of each episode. Was there any real treasure there?


We, however, are inclined to believe that the real treasure left long ago and the Templars or whoever brought the treasure to the island left behind debris and few items to lead future searchers astray, still believing the treasure is still there.

Millions of dollars of have been spent on the History Channel-sponsored search and by past searchers. We hope we are wrong and that these dreamers will find real treasure in addition to the pure joy of the hunt.

If you know the two brothers who have been heroically trying to find real treasure, ask them to contact us. We’d love to talk to them.

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